Job Seeker Advice

There are a few reasons people are looking for a job:
  • You have been made redundant
  • You are unhappy in your current employment
  • You are going back to work after a long period of unemployment due to pregnancy, ill health or perhaps living 'a life of leisure'
  • You have left school/college and ready to make your way in the world
Whatever the reason for seeking a job it would be wise to be aware of the sort of help that is available to you and to learn some tips for securing a job.

There are a number of reasons you may be unsuccessful in a job application including:
  • You don't have the necessary skills for the job
  • Someone else had more experience than you
  • Your salary expectations are too high
  • You are over qualified
The pages in this section will hopefully give you some advice and guidance that will help prevent rejection in job applications but it is important to remember that it is unlikely you will be offered every job you apply for and you shouldn't feel that a rejection means you are unemployable or not good enough.