Job Interviews

You have identified some jobs you like the look of and have been selected for an interview, first of all, Well Done!

You need to relax and remember these things:
  • You are interviewing them too
  • If you don't get this job it is great excperience for the next opportunity (that WILL come)
  • If you aren't suitable for this job they MAY offer you a different position or keep you in mind for future positions
It's good to be prepared. You will be more confident because you have done some research and ready for what they may ask you. So in the days leading up to the interview you should try to find out a bit about the company, such as:
  • What are it's products/services?
  • When was it founded?
  • Do they have other locations?
  • Do they have any noteable achievements?

What this prepares you for:
  • If they ask you what you know about the company you have a few points to bring up.
  • Doing the research may give you ideas on questions you want to ask such as prospects and opportunities to develop your skills further within the company.
If you don't know anything about the company you are applying to work for, the interviewer may question why you want to work there. Flattery works, so flatter them with your knowledge about who they are and how fantastic their product or service is!

More Tips

Have a few questions written down that you want to be answered during the interview and don't be afraid to refer to it when you are asked 'Do you have any questions for us' - don't be afraid to say "You have answered everything I wanted to know, thank you"

Don't be afraid to take out a notebook and pen at the start of the interview and ask if they mind if you take a few notes. I've done this many times and it went down very well. But DO NOT write excessive notes as if you are taking minutes. Perhaps simply jot down a few words when they say something you like.

and a few more:
  • Dress smartly
  • Have a wash and check for body odour!
  • Eat breakfast (don't go there neither hungry nor bloated!)
  • Relax your face and maintain a pleasant smile (don't grin, smirk or gawp like a crazy person!)
  • Laugh at their jokes (but dont over do it)
  • Maintain eye contact with whoever asked you the question
  • Be diplomatic about why you left your last job (no matter how bitter the experience)
  • Sometimes interview panels have a person who is there to be 'bad cop' they are identified by their lack of smile and obsessive note taking. Pretend they are smiling too and glance over to them periodically when you are talking.
At the end of the interview:
  • Thank them for taking the time to interview you
  • ALWAYS offer a handshake and make it firm (yes, women too)
  • Ask if they would mind if you got back in touch if you had any further questions
  • Wish them a pleasant day/morning/afternoon
It may help you to write up your interview experience afterwards. Make a note of questions that you wish you answered better and how you would answer them in future. Jot down what you learned about the job and the company. Jot down if there was anything you didn't like. Do you still want the job? If you are offered the position don't be afraid to bring up anything that you weren't happy with to see if it could be rectified. If not, don't be afraid to politely decline.