Finding a Job

Whatever your reason for searching for a job here are a few tips that may help you prepare for your search.

Before you begin your search you should consider what skills you have.
Don't just think about the skills you have learned in college, previous work or in training courses, also think about the life skills you have picked up and things you learn while taking part in hobbies and social activities.

What sort of hours do you want or need to work?

Do you have a full social life? Think about whether you would be happy to sacrifice your evenings or weekends to a job.

Do you have children? Think about how they are going to get to and from school. Do you want to take them or can you afford a child minder?

If you have been out of work for a long time could you cope with a full time job straight away? If you can afford to think about going back on a part time basis and then working your way back up to full time. Starting work again after a long absence can be exciting and change your life in a way you can't imagine but it can also be a big shock to the system.

What do you need to earn?

Work out what you need to bring home each month and aim for that plus a little extra as a minimum salary expectation. Remember that if you are looking for work because of necessity, your bills and necessary spending is the utmost importance but if you are always only ever hanging in there with no 'cushioning' it will reflect on your work and increase your stress levels.

If you can't find one full time job that will give you the income you need you may need to consider more than one part time contract but make sure you can cope with the travelling between them and consider if you can realistically cope with holding down more than one job for different employers.

Don't accept a lower paid job on the assumption that you will get a raise later on UNLESS you have a guarantee that it will increase towat you NEED to take home after completing a trial/training period.

Be Positive and Don't Dismiss Opportunities Out of Snobbery

Many people today are rejected before their job hunt even starts because they feel they are a lost cause. Everyone has skills to offer and there are all kinds of jobs out there.

Don't think about getting a job purely to impress your friends or girlfriend. Every job needs doing and no job is below you. Be proud of earning a wage.

Your next job could be anywhere but you won't find it if you don't look.

  • Employment agencies
  • Job Centres
  • Internet Searches
  • Local Newspapers
  • High Street Shops (apply within)
  • Supermarket notice boards
  • Word of Mouth